Umkhulu Consulting is an advisory and transactional 
company working in the treasury field, principally in
South Africa.

We watch your treasury risk, allowing you to spend more time running your business. Since opening our doors on 1.1.11, Umkhulu has always had a policy of complete transparency, maintaining complete impartiality when transacting with banks on your behalf.


Umkhulu is a web based personalised information solution for each of our clients.

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Individual/corporate clients can build their own page of information data and keep this available whilst on the internet to check currencies, forward currency rates, commodities and economic data as it is released from around the globe.

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Firstly, on a subscription basis, Umkhulu allows corporates or individuals to build their own personalised dashboard of data to enable them to check delayed pricing for currencies, forwards, commodities and global economic data from wherever they are. The delay is ten minutes from internationally known financial information providers that are used by professional operators in the financial markets.

Secondly, also on subscription, and “ring fenced” using secure password access, Umkhulu provides a management tool for existing clients which is used to provide real time valuations of existing forex and forward positions, including real time forward calculations, giving corporate management the ability to make informed decisions about their foreign exchange exposure at any time and from anywhere.

About us

The team has a cumulative 40+ years banking experience, predominantly in the treasury environment, including experience in the UK, US and South African financial market.

The team is small, yet specific, and lists numerous private and listed companies as its clients. Whilst the volume of foreign exchange exposure we manage on their behalf is significant, we would rather think of our presence as how many people are affected by the work we do: over 200,000 employees of the various clients we represent, and we are there to directly contribute to each and every company's bottom line.

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What we do

Umkhulu watches your treasury exposure for you, allowing you to concentrate more on running your business.

Specifically, Umkhulu advises and transacts on your behalf in the foreign exchange markets, including advice on exchange control issues. We also assist where necessary with settlement and administrative issues related to forex.

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